Domain Name Jargon : Lowballer & Lowballing

After our recent coverage of a real life lowballing incident at Domain Name Sales went viral, we checked our dedicated Domain Name Jargon entries.

Shock, horror!

There has been no entry for this ill-defined domainer species, and we are going to make amends, right now.

Keep in mind that Domain Name Jargon is here to assist domain investors get a better understanding of the domain industry terminology; we are here to help y’all  (re)define domaining.


Domain Lowballer : As a proud member of the populous sub-class of Domainus Cheapskatus, domain lowballers place ridiculously low offers for domain names worth considerably more. Often hiding behind anonymous handles, proxies and throwaway email addresses, domain lowballers believe they serve a purpose in the domain industry’s diverse ecosystem. Just like when dealing with trolls, domain lowballing offers are best left unanswered, and most serious domain investors delete such inquiries immediately. This infuriates domain lowballers, leading to their natural evaporation; if they persist, exposing them in public is the best approach.

Example: “After receiving a lowball offer of $xxx,xxx for, Rick Schwartz told the guy to go f@ck himself, then blogged about that lowballer’s antics at”

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