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Domainer buying guide: How to buy domains from BuyDomains

Earlier this month we covered the subject of how to acquire domain names owned by Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.com. Another important venue that maintains a strong inventory of domains, is BuyDomains.com. The company is a division of NameMedia; Since 1999, BuyDomains has been assisting business owners and entrepreneurs create their online presence and find the domain […]

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Google buys ‘OK Glass’ domain secretly using ‘man in the middle’ strategy

Google let the public get a small glimpse of its upcoming product, the Google Glass – a wearable device that incorporates a head-up display (HUD) and camera. Even though all this might have sounded futuristic a decade ago, the Google Glass project intends to bring the device to the public at an affordable price. Currently, […]

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Domainer Kamikaze: New book by Francois becomes a best-seller

A best-selling book by French domain entrepreneur, Francois, is making big waves in Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other bookstores. Priced at only EUR 2.50, the soft-cover book is titled “Don’t be a domainer Kamikaze“. Subtitled, “The art of selling and buying domain names using escrow“, was written by Francois during his latest vacation in […]

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