Domainer Kamikaze: New book by Francois becomes a best-seller

A best-selling book by French domain entrepreneur, Francois, is making big waves in Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other bookstores.

Priced at only EUR 2.50, the soft-cover book is titled “Don’t be a domainer Kamikaze“.

Subtitled, “The art of selling and buying domain names using escrow“, was written by Francois during his latest vacation in southern France.

“No idea book so successful, I think price is correct fix but will not become rich, eheheheheh!” exclaimed Francois, while at a signing session of his book.

“Domainer profit is my success and when you make money, I am happy for you. Just use!” added Francois with a smile.

Don’t be a domainer kamikaze – a best-selling book for domainers and escrow.

In 245 well-written pages, the book explains all the necessary steps that domainers should take, in order to avoid crashing their business. An excerpt is provided below:

“So you want to make money with domains, eh? And not lose your shirt? Escrow is the obvious answer. You would be a stupid kamikaze if you didn’t use escrow, my suggestion is because it’s affordable and fast. Success comes when you take risks, but why take a risk with your own money, hmm?”

The obvious reference to kamikaze – the suicidal crashing of Japanese pilots during WWII – does not seem to worry Francois; after all, the war ended in 1945.

“I have maybe 5 newsletter subscribers from Japan, so no big issue. My publisher say, zut alors, here in France. It’s business, no war, understand?”

At under $3.50, the book is cheaper than a gallon of gasoline in the US, so it is expected to be received with open arms by American domainers.

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4 Responses to “Domainer Kamikaze: New book by Francois becomes a best-seller”
  1. Francois says:


  2. Darryl says:

    Wow, nice congrats!

  3. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Francois – I want an autographed copy, please.

  4. EmileDeCorse says:

    Where can we buy this book please… I’m in France… A french version maybe ?

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