Domainer buying guide: How to buy domains from BuyDomains

Earlier this month we covered the subject of how to acquire domain names owned by Mike Mann’s

Another important venue that maintains a strong inventory of domains, is

The company is a division of NameMedia; Since 1999, BuyDomains has been assisting business owners and entrepreneurs create their online presence and find the domain name that is perfect for them.

With millions of quality domain names in the BuyDomains inventory, there is a strong chance that the one you’re after is in their possession.

Many domains listed with the portfolio come with a BIN price, or the ability to buy on the spot. There are many domains in the $588 to $2,888 dollar range.

BuyDomains utilizes the “8” reference in their pricing, as an effective psychological factor that deviates from round numbers.

That choice seems to work well with buyers, that often make use of the BIN price to acquire domains; the idea was Mike Mann‘s, who co-founded BuyDomains in 1998 and eventually sold it to the company that became NameMedia.

There are plenty of domains in the BuyDomains portfolio that require one to make an offer, providing some contact information, via a contact form.

If you want a domain from the BuyDomains portfolio, the smartest way to acquire it would be via direct communication with the company. Using the company’s phone, seek to speak to a broker that will discuss with you any available flexibility with the asking price.

It’s very feasible to get even a 30% discount for some price ranges, but expect that discount percentage to shrink for amounts less than $2,000.

Transactions complete fast, and depending on your credit and credibility as a domain investor, your inquiry can involve split payments across several credit cards.

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