Top 10 Ways to respond to a Lowball Offer

As domainers, we receive them all the time: the much-dreaded, despicable, nerve-wracking offers that don’t even take into account the cost of renewing the domain.

The Lowball Offers.

They arrive via emails, phonecalls or via online venues such as Sedo, GoDaddy, Network Solutions or Afternic.

Lowball offers are several zeros short of a full price, they are like middle fingers in the face of every serious domain investor; although the so-called “domain flippers” are often quite willing to consider them.

How should you respond to a lowball offer?

Here are our Top 10 ways, so pick one at random:

  • This domain is older than you, can I buy you for the same price?
  • I would not even fill up my SUV with gas for that price
  • Finish school, get a job then call me back (said when the offer comes from an alleged “student” with no budget.)
  • If your sister wants this domain for her business, tell her to call me herself.
  • This is a business, not a charity organization (said when a “charity” wants a domain for free.)
  • For the $10 that you offer, visit and get the .net/.org/biz
  • If the price is right, I will let you know (when emails don’t include a monetary offer.)
  • I know you own the .FR, so vive la France. This is the .COM and this is America, b!at3h!
  • How about “No”?
  • Welcome to my Lowballers Roster – send me your pic to be included in the yearbook!

Hopefully these statements will now be part of your valuable lowball offer response ammunition. Feel free to submit your own favorite one-line responses to lowball offers. 😀

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