Domainer careers: Darryl Lopes joins the eNaming domain brokerage

Experienced domain broker, Darryl Lopes, is moving in with eNaming brokerage as new staff. In the past, Darryl has been successful with Uniregistry on-site at the Cayman Islands, supporting Frank Schilling’s extensive company needs. He also worked worked with Secret Brokerage as their domain broker for acquisitions and has produced his own eBook, How to […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Domain rebranding joins Palette Software and Centsoft

Two technology companies, Palette Software and Centsoft, have fused together under a new brand, Rillion. The matching domain name,, becomes the new joint destination for the companies, following this domain rebranding. is a domain brokered by eNaming, the domain brokerage founded by industry professional, Tracy Fogarty. Said Rillion in a press release: Following […]

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Tiered #domain brokerage: The more you offer, the quicker you hear back

Domain offers are a dime a dozen these days, and to combat a wide range of unreasonably low offers, one domain broker is doing something novel. Industry veteran, Tracy Seskin Fogarty operates, a boutique domain brokerage for select clients. There are many ways to contact Tracy, and if you want to close a deal […]

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Which domainer owns a Kalashnikov?

Russian small arms manufacturer, Kalashnikov, is no longer just about military weapons. The producers of the world renowned AK-47 automatic are now branching into fashion, taking their famous brand, Kalashnikov, to a new level. Sanctions on the Russian firm inspired their brand diversification, as seen on the official Kalashnikov web site. The Kalashnikov apparel line […]

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