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Tiered #domain brokerage: The more you offer, the quicker you hear back

Domain offers are a dime a dozen these days, and to combat a wide range of unreasonably low offers, one domain broker is doing something novel. Industry veteran, Tracy Seskin Fogarty operates eNaming.com, a boutique domain brokerage for select clients. There are many ways to contact Tracy, and if you want to close a deal […]

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Which domainer owns a Kalashnikov?

Russian small arms manufacturer, Kalashnikov, is no longer just about military weapons. The producers of the world renowned AK-47 automatic are now branching into fashion, taking their famous brand, Kalashnikov, to a new level. Sanctions on the Russian firm inspired their brand diversification, as seen on the official Kalashnikov web site. The Kalashnikov apparel line […]

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