Ajax Dremel : Investor’s new book on the Chinese domain chips

Ajax Dremel, CEO.

Ajax Dremel, CEO.

Ajax Dremel, CEO and author of the highly successful book “Domain Investing: Like a Boss” needs very little introduction.

The master domainer has been generating residual income from his domain investments for years, always remaining at the sidelines, quiet and composed but always controversial.

Until it’s time to announce his new book, that is.

“Ladybird Books is pleased to announce the release of Ajax Dremel’s new book, ‘Chinese Domain Chips’,” said marketing and PR manager, Candice Melony Lane.

“Mr. Dremel’s been an absolute pleasure to work with, and the new book will help dispel rumors about domain investing in the Chinese domain market,” added Melony Lane.

Ajax Dremel’s new book bears the secondary title, “How to hype the market like a pro domainer.” While many might consider this a controversial title, Ajax Dremel strongly disagrees.

“Using my domain investing techniques, you will be the boss of the game. I don’t really give a rat’s ass what others might think. Either you want to make money, or you don’t. You gotta use hype to make money, you know what I’m saying? Who cares if others lose money in the process, this is not charity, pal!”

Chinese Domain Chips will retail for $99 dollars at major online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Mick’s Adult Emporium. Use the coupon “F8CKYEAH” to get a 99 cent discount until February 29th.

Chinese Domain Chips - new book by Ajax Dremel.

Chinese Domain Chips – new book by Ajax Dremel.

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