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Ajax Dremel : Investor’s new book on the Chinese domain chips

Ajax Dremel, CEO and author of the highly successful book “Domain Investing: Like a Boss” needs very little introduction. The master domainer has been generating residual income from his domain investments for years, always remaining at the sidelines, quiet and composed but always controversial. Until it’s time to announce his new book, that is. “Ladybird […]

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Ajax Dremel: They did not reserve my .CEO domain name!

Ajax Dremel does not mince his words about the ensuing gTLD chaos. The highly successful domain investor with Christian ethics and a very buxom wife, spends most of his time between Atlanta, Georgia and London, UK. Ajax Dremel’s book “The Secret of my Domain Success” is on the all-time classic list of both Amazon and […]

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Dot .CEO surpasses 150,000 registrations in March

Nobody could have predicted the huge appeal and success of dot .CEO – the brand new gTLD that is aimed at Chief Executive Officers worldwide. Less than a week after its launch, dot .CEO sports an impressive 152,101 registrations – a number that took it to the top of the gTLD domain leaderboard. “It’s a […]

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