NamePost: Young #domain forum is now on sale

NamePost, a fresh player in the domain forum business, is up for sale. Just 2 months after its launch, the youngest domain-focused forum on the internet announced that it’s seeking new ownership, having completed its initial launch mission. The domain, and website is for sale at $30,000 USD. The project is now complete and […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. New #domain forum promises to not censor members is a soon-to-launch domain forum, promising to break away from the paradigm of existing domain forums, such as NamePros and DNForum. Operated by the founders of Canadian domain forum,, aims to launch in January 2022. Here are some of the characteristics of, which will operate on a newly acquired domain name, […]

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NamePros member offers big prizes for guessing the forum’s millionth member

A NamePros thread is all about when the forum’s 1,000,000th registered member will sign up. Cyberian is offering 5 prizes to the best guess: Prize C1: One ticket to NamesCon 2018. Prize C2: Two tickets to NamesCon 2018. Prize N: 7-day site-wide notice that appears on every page of NamePros for members to promote your […]

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NamePros stats : Very close to hitting 1 million members

NamePros has been online as a domain forum since 2003, and it’s getting very close to hitting 1,000,000 members. While not all of these accounts could possibly be active concurrently, the forum administrators ensured us that new members are real people, not bots. The current number of members stands at 997,226 and Eric Lyon estimates […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : New era in domain business forums by IT veteran

A new domain, marketing and entrepreneur forum is being launched by IT veteran, Simon Byrne. Launching today from, the premium domain will serve as an anchor to online discussions among professionals. Simon is aiming at creating a dynamic forum, launching from a new gTLD domain provided by Uniregistry. “It’s a business forum with a […]

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DNForum guide : How to find domain gems at the forums

Many quality domain names can be acquired at domain forums, such as DNForum and NamePros, at prices friendly to domain investors. Buying and selling domains on forums requires a membership, naturally. So sign up at DNForum and let the domain hunting begin! DNForum has been around since 2002, when a teenage student called Dan set […]

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DNForum brings in new Admin, rolls out domain forum changes

DNForum, the oldest active domain forum for professionals, announced the involvement of Simon Byrne as a full time administrator. According to a statement by DNForum owber, Adam Dicker, the Irish professional has been working on improving the current forum functionality and adding several new features to the forum. Byrne has worked with Adam Dicker on […]

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DNPost domain forum launches with hot chick video

Domain forum newcomer, DNPost, made its quiet launch last week, announcing its existence over Twitter and through our “Share a domain tip” hotlink. Using XenForo, the same forum software as industry giants DNForum and NamePros, DNPost aspires to be better than both forums, attracting their combined readership under one roof. The layout is clean and […]

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DomainState: Domain forum adds new free tools for its members

DomainState, the domain forum formed in 2002 by three former DNForum moderators, is an active community for domain professionals. Since its acquisition by Trellian and Above in 2010, DomainState has seen an increase in member activity. A newsletter sent out to all the DomainState members details the introduction of several new free tools. Hello DomainState […]

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Domain Name Forum plagued by nasty spam and bad jokes

It’s sad when a forum that was launched several years ago as an arena for domain professionals, has been almost completely annihilated. Plagued by spammers that constantly bombard its “Domains For Sale” and “Domains Wanted” sections with spam about iron golf clubs, looks nothing like the image that Japanese domain investor Satoshi Shimoshita had […]

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