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Digital.link : New era in domain business forums by IT veteran


A new domain, marketing and entrepreneur forum is being launched by IT veteran, Simon Byrne.

Launching today from Digital.link, the premium domain will serve as an anchor to online discussions among professionals.

Simon is aiming at creating a dynamic forum, launching from a new gTLD domain provided by Uniregistry.

“It’s a business forum with a heavy focus on domains. Membership is free, with one option for paid business upgrade but the free membership has so many market and auction posting privileges that it will suit most people.”

Simon Byrne’s choice of domain has been the result of extensive research.

The fun does not end there:

“I’ll be giving away $1000 dollars cash in a random draw on the 2nd of September, to a person selected among those who sign up between now and then. In addition, the domain Business.Link will be given to one lucky person on the 5th of September; the winner will be the person with the best post between June 2nd and then.”

Once again, the fun doesn’t end there. Says Simon:

“Finally, I’m giving away a prize of a new website to the value of $1000 to the person with the top marketplace trader rating on September 5th.”

For more information, visit Digital.link.

Digital.link forum.

Digital.link forum.

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6 Responses to “Digital.link : New era in domain business forums by IT veteran”
  1. YamadaMedia says:

    Business.link is owned by North Sound Names.

  2. StickTooL says:

    Coming soon …….Name.Pros

  3. I have already registered Name.Pros πŸ˜› (J/K) I am sure they will pick it up if it becomes available.

  4. @YamadaMedia the whois should update soon πŸ™‚

  5. YamadaMedia says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Digital.link Admin. πŸ™‚

  6. Shane Bellone says:

    I’ve known Simon for a while now. He’s a great guy and a smart entrepreneur. I highly recommend checking out the forum and I will definitely be participating there exclusively. Show some support and sign up for an account.

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