DomainState: Domain forum adds new free tools for its members

DomainState, the domain forum formed in 2002 by three former DNForum moderators, is an active community for domain professionals. Since its acquisition by Trellian and Above in 2010, DomainState has seen an increase in member activity. A newsletter sent out to all the DomainState members details the introduction of several new free tools. Hello DomainState […]

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It appears that old school domain forum, has been sold at a private auction. The winner is which will fork out at least $46,000 for the domain/web site & database of happy fellows and their posts over the course of seven years. The database includes banned members as well. Congratulations to the trio […]

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As folds launches brand new platform

As we have said before, a business that does not evolve is destined to fail. Time and again, – historically the 3rd oldest domain forum after DNForum & DomainGator – has failed to display an ounce of commercial wisdom; all while its three owners/moderators have been praised as “uber domainers” by members of that […]

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The truth behind DomainState’s sales pitch

Looks like DomainState – historically the 3rd domain name forum after DNForum and the inactive DomainGator – is up for sale. The three admins – known by their aliases as Snoopy, Safesys and Paul the Aussie guy – were once suitors of DNForum, right before its teenage creator, Dan Gessler, sold it to domainer Greg […]

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