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Rick Schwartz whips #Twitter comment spammer in 5 minutes!

Rick Schwartz is posting his daily tidbits of wisdom on Twitter, and many want to ride on his coat-tails. The Domain King, who will be rolling out Rick.TV for his video musings, slapped up a Twitter comment spammer, who advertised his domain on Rick’s tweet. Said Rick: “You should delete your tweet and go spam […]

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How we cut down on the comment spam

The relentless amount of comment spam that we received at DomainGang reached an all-time high of 5,541 comments in January 2012. That’s what Akismet filtered out, and yet a lot of spam commentary made it through to the comment queue for us to wade through. After installing a single plug in that requires the copy/pasting […]

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Domain Name Forum plagued by nasty spam and bad jokes

It’s sad when a forum that was launched several years ago as an arena for domain professionals, has been almost completely annihilated. Plagued by spammers that constantly bombard its “Domains For Sale” and “Domains Wanted” sections with spam about iron golf clubs, DomainNameForum.com looks nothing like the image that Japanese domain investor Satoshi Shimoshita had […]

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