Rick Schwartz whips #Twitter comment spammer in 5 minutes!

Rick Schwartz is posting his daily tidbits of wisdom on Twitter, and many want to ride on his coat-tails.

The Domain King, who will be rolling out Rick.TV for his video musings, slapped up a Twitter comment spammer, who advertised his domain on Rick’s tweet.

Said Rick:

“You should delete your tweet and go spam somebody else’s thread. Don’t pee here! Will have to block you if not. Thanks!”

The comment spammer, who splattered his presumably pigeon shit domain on the Domain King’s court, tried to justify his act:

“We are looking for your support Mr.Rick that’s it. Thanks”

This type of bullshit isn’t tolerated by Rick Schwartz, or anyone trying to have a decent, clean exchange, so he delivered an ultimatum:

“In 5 minutes support will be gone and you will be blocked. Remore spam!”

The spammer complied and all is good. Or almost good: another comment spammer entered the exchange.

Some people never learn! πŸ˜€

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One Response to “Rick Schwartz whips #Twitter comment spammer in 5 minutes!”
  1. BullS says:

    Just an advice please let me know if “BullS”…is this a good investment website…

    Yea I will never STOP learning!!!

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