Stream King : Rick Schwartz to go forward with Rick.TV as his #domain of choice

Rick Schwartz talks about his “back pocket story” on Twitter

After taking into consideration feedback from domain investors and fans, Rick Schwartz made the decision to use Rick.TV for his video blog.

Since his return to Twitter, the Domain King has been sharing stories about his 25 years of domain industry experience, personal wisdom, and savvy domain investment advice on Twitter video.

By switching to a dedicated domain name such as Rick.TV, Rick Schwartz is taking ownership of the video streams.

Rick also owns Ricks.TV for those that are grammatically inclined to type it in.

Said Rick:

“After much consideration and helpful input from all of you, I have made my decision on where to host my shows. Rick.(TV) as I also own Ricks.(TV) To me it’s a natural fit for what *I* am personally trying to do and accomplish with THIS project.”

Looking forward to watching Rick’s video streams on this alternate domain to 😀

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2 Responses to “Stream King : Rick Schwartz to go forward with Rick.TV as his #domain of choice”
  1. William says:

    Many times Rick said that anything else but .com is a pigeon shit. Here we are…

  2. Data Glasses says:

    LOL …. I kinda prefer Rod.Tv

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