Canadian domainers: Grab your .CA domains on a new backordering platform!

Canadian domain investors, rejoice! No, it’s not the end of snowy days, as some of you would hope. Instead, a new domain backordering platform for .CA domains made its debut. Web Hosting Canada (WHC) shared news of its newly launched tool that allows the backordering and registration of valuable .CA domains “the second the expire.” […]

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Canadian Domain Conference to shape the mold of Canuck domaining

Canadians are about to have their own Canadian domain conference, DNCanadaFest. Organized by members of the .CA ccTLD committee across the northern borders of Canada, the conference will be unlike anything we’ve seen. “In Canada we don’t mince our words and we like to shotgun beer, chug down milk from bags, and our money is […]

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Canada domains : Dot .CA turned 30 eh!

O, Canada! Dot .CA domains are now officially 30 years old, so time for Canadian domainers to rejoice. Shotgun a beer maybe? 😀 According to our domain flags list, dot .CA went live on May 14th, 1987 – becoming the 14th country to be allocated a national ccTLD. It was predated by Norway on March […]

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Domain investor’s ingenious trick to register .CA domains

If you’re not a Canadian, forget about registering a .CA domain, eh. Hundreds of domain investors to the north of America’s borders enjoy the privilege of getting hold of the .CA extension, whenever they want. Some of the biggest domain sales reported by DNJournal in 2016, have been in the .CA extension; the lucrative ccTLD […]

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Canadian domain investor, Adam Dicker, knows well that it’s not always about the domain sale. With numerous domain sales under his belt, Adam Dicker owns a strong portfolio of short .CA domains, one of which is Many domain investors go after an outright sale of premium assets, but in this case Adam Dicker is […]

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Canadian domainers celebrate 25th anniversary of .ca

It was 1987 when .ca – the ccTLD for Canada – was allocated by one of the godfathers of the Internet, Jon Postel. The first .ca domain was registered by the University of Prince Edward Island in January 1988. That’s right, the first Canadian domain was not or anything generic for that matter. Happy […]

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