Domain investor’s ingenious trick to register .CA domains

If you’re not a Canadian, forget about registering a .CA domain, eh. Hundreds of domain investors to the north of America’s borders enjoy the privilege of getting hold of the .CA extension, whenever they want. Some of the biggest domain sales reported by DNJournal in 2016, have been in the .CA extension; the lucrative ccTLD […]

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Canadian politics : Halifax councillor releases cybersquatted domains

All is fair in love and war, and the latter incorporates politics. A Canadian councillor was apparently ill-advised, when she registered the full name of a political opponent. Halifax Regional councillor, Linda Mosher, initially registered the domains and, as part of her political strategy. Shawn Cleary is the name of a political opponent, […]

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Toronto : Official wants to use dot .TO for new city gTLD domains!

An official with the local government of Toronto, Canada, wants the city to get on with the domain times. In an application to be discussed during today’s meeting, Councillor Paul Ainslie recommended that the city of Toronto should apply for the dot .TO gTLD, much like .NYC and .London have done. “In an effort to […]

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Conspiracy : Small domain portfolio holder upset with GoDaddy!

A small domain portfolio holder is upset with GoDaddy, and quite understandably so. Matt Gherkins of Ontario, Canada, cannot fathom the news of GoDaddy acquiring the Worldwide Media portfolio; in fact, he’s quite livid. “So that goes to show how big fish domainers cut the line and get ahead of us other domain investors, selling […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Adam Dicker inks domain deal with Canadian clinic

Canadian domain investor, Adam Dicker, knows well that it’s not always about the domain sale. With numerous domain sales under his belt, Adam Dicker owns a strong portfolio of short .CA domains, one of which is Many domain investors go after an outright sale of premium assets, but in this case Adam Dicker is […]

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Adam Dicker launches Home Delivery Domains in Canada

Despite his ever-busy work day, Adam Dicker, founder of DNForum is an open-minded domain investor from Canada. Great reputation is the numero uno element a successful domain professional clings dearly onto, and Adam’s reputation is far beyond stellar. By launching a new domain brokerage service for Canadians, Adam Dicker brings the home delivery of domains […]

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DNForum acquires

Adam Dicker, owner of and has announced that his company acquired “What I do with it will be a surprise”, says Adam. The domain is already pointing to content about domains, for Canadians eh!

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