Toronto : Official wants to use dot .TO for new city gTLD domains!

An official with the local government of Toronto, Canada, wants the city to get on with the domain times.

In an application to be discussed during today’s meeting, Councillor Paul Ainslie recommended that the city of Toronto should apply for the dot .TO gTLD, much like .NYC and .London have done.

“In an effort to boost our City of Toronto image it would be beneficial to explore the installation of .TO personalized web addresses. The address would be available to residents and businesses that have a physical City of Toronto mailing address; providing an opportunity to highlight our City.

New York City initiated their own .nyc web address earlier this year and reported that 10,000 requests had been filed by October 2015, making the domain names available on a first come first serve basis. The simple process has New Yorkers register their own personalized emails at The site is exciting, vibrant and inviting everything Toronto is.”

It makes sense, actually: TorontoTo.


Only one slight problem: the sovereign nation of Tonga owns dot .TO and as a country ccTLD it’s already allocated.

ICANN‘s next round of gTLD applications is expected to take place in 2018, which apparently puts pressure on such bureaucratic mechanisms for city gTLDs.

Better research next time, eh! 😀


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