Domain investor’s ingenious trick to register .CA domains


Canadian domains.

If you’re not a Canadian, forget about registering a .CA domain, eh.

Hundreds of domain investors to the north of America’s borders enjoy the privilege of getting hold of the .CA extension, whenever they want.

Some of the biggest domain sales reported by DNJournal in 2016, have been in the .CA extension; the lucrative ccTLD pays handsomely in the domain aftermarket.

Having spent hundreds of man-hours researching premium Canadian domain names, domain investor Tim Dufus finally got fed up.

“I was being denied, by a bureaucratic organization that decided us Americans aren’t worthy of buying .CA domain names,” said Tim Dufus.

“What’s their problem, really? Eventually, I decided to end this double-standard once and for all,” added Dufus.

Dufus arranged to meet his Canadian wife, Lisa-Michelle Edmonton, on the Canadian match-making web site North Sound Links. The service specializes in connecting American domainers with ladies – or lads – willing to marry online.

“She’s a fine lady and although we don’t have much in common, I’m able to register .CA domains now. My Canadian domain portfolio is amazing. I just love it!” exclaimed Tim Dufus.

We could not confirm whether this practice is legitimate for immigration purposes, however, and we would not advise anyone taking this route, eh.

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