Conspiracy : Small domain portfolio holder upset with GoDaddy!

Yet another domain stolen from a GoDaddy account.

GoDaddy won’t buy a small domain portfolio.

A small domain portfolio holder is upset with GoDaddy, and quite understandably so.

Matt Gherkins of Ontario, Canada, cannot fathom the news of GoDaddy acquiring the Worldwide Media portfolio; in fact, he’s quite livid.

“So that goes to show how big fish domainers cut the line and get ahead of us other domain investors, selling their portfolios all while we’re still waiting, eh?” said Matt Gherkins.

“I’ve been trying to sell my 80 premium domain portfolio to GoDaddy for the past six months now, and I’m still waiting to hear back from them. Is this how they do business, eh?” added Gherkins, shotgunning a can of beer.

The domain portfolio of Mr. Matt Gherkins consists of 70 generic and brandable domains, 5 porno names, one .CA domain and 4 .Wang gTLDs. Some of his best domains include, and He makes about $2 daily from these domains.

Gherkins believes there is a conspiracy by Worldwide Media to circumvent a waiting line, managing to sell 70,000 domains at a fraction of the time he’s been waiting.

“I’m happy for Berkens, don’t get me wrong,” said Matt Gherkins, adding: “But come on bro, I have bills to pay and GoDaddy was a promising buyer. Now I have to sell my snowblower to cover the upcoming renewal fees, what am I gonna do in the winter, eh?”

Whether you have 70 or 70,000 domains to sell to GoDaddy, be prepared for some long waits, as the Holiday Season is upon us.

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