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Canadian Domain Conference to shape the mold of Canuck domaining

Canadians are about to have their own Canadian domain conference, DNCanadaFest.

Organized by members of the .CA ccTLD committee across the northern borders of Canada, the conference will be unlike anything we’ve seen.

“In Canada we don’t mince our words and we like to shotgun beer, chug down milk from bags, and our money is made out of plastic, eh. Still, we like having fun, and DNCanadaFest will be a big success!” exclaimed Roger Rasquale of DNCanadaFest.

O, Canada.

Canada’s first domain conference will take place in August of 2018, to allow those trapped under several feet of snow to travel to the conference.

As part of the event’s particulars, there will be a sign saying no to the registration of .CA domains by foreigner domain investors.

“We are welcoming everyone here, to participate in our event, but if you’re not Canadian, no .CA domains for you, eh!” said Roger Rasquale, adding: “We’ll be shotgunning beer, chasing moose, and talking about what we do during the winter to stay sane!”

If you’re Canadian, or even if you’re not, get in touch with these guys, as they sound like lots of fun.

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One Response to “Canadian Domain Conference to shape the mold of Canuck domaining”
  1. Steve says:

    You forgot to mention our sacred natural herb. All this snow helps create some amazing bud. Come on up to paradise!!!! Cheers!

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