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DNForum for sale for $5,000,000 at BuyDomains?

A bulk-pasting task placed the domain name DNForum.com and its assorted LLL, DNF.com on the BuyDomains marketplace. The asking prices: $500,000 for DNF.com and $5,000,000 for DNForum.com DNForum is the largest professional forum for domain investors on the Internet. DNF.com serves as a shortcut to the forum, currently. Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum explained that […]

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DNForum.ca opens its gates to all Canadians eh!

Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum.com announced today the opening of DNForum.ca – a separate but familiar-looking domain community about Canadian domains: “It is a free forum to post and read and users can upgrade to gold for added benefits. All current dnforum members will be set to gold right away without cost, please email me […]

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Battle of Canadian Domainers: DNF.com sues DNF.ca

Adam Dicker, owner of popular domain name forum DNForum.com is both an established domain entrepreneur and a Canadian. For almost a decade, Adam provides thousands of domain owners with the digital arena to exchange ideas and to buy and sell domains. It came as a big surprise that a former DNForum member and fellow Canadian […]

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