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DNF.Game : Chinese giant Tencent grabs popular acronym domain

The acronym “DNF” has been synonymous with DNForum for more than a dozen years. Canadian domain investor, Adam Dicker, sold DNF.com a few months ago, to a Chinese company that appears as “Domain Name Fund.” There is a bigger buyer in the DNF letters, however: Chinese tech behemoth, Tencent. A controversial, 122 billion yuan company […]

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DNForum for sale for $5,000,000 at BuyDomains?

A bulk-pasting task placed the domain name DNForum.com and its assorted LLL, DNF.com on the BuyDomains marketplace. The asking prices: $500,000 for DNF.com and $5,000,000 for DNForum.com DNForum is the largest professional forum for domain investors on the Internet. DNF.com serves as a shortcut to the forum, currently. Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum explained that […]

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Battle of Canadian Domainers: DNF.com sues DNF.ca

Adam Dicker, owner of popular domain name forum DNForum.com is both an established domain entrepreneur and a Canadian. For almost a decade, Adam provides thousands of domain owners with the digital arena to exchange ideas and to buy and sell domains. It came as a big surprise that a former DNForum member and fellow Canadian […]

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