DNF.Game : Chinese giant Tencent grabs popular acronym domain

The acronym “DNF” has been synonymous with DNForum for more than a dozen years.

Canadian domain investor, Adam Dicker, sold DNF.com a few months ago, to a Chinese company that appears as “Domain Name Fund.”

There is a bigger buyer in the DNF letters, however: Chinese tech behemoth, Tencent.

A controversial, 122 billion yuan company with nearly a billion users, focuses a lot on mobile gaming, and they just grabbed DNF.Game, the latest gTLD from Uniregistry.

According to our research, DNF stands for “Dungeon & Fighter” – a Massively multiplayer online game:

“As the forerunner of the world’s 2D MMOACT, Dungeon & Fighter (DNF) has drawn upon the innovative philosophy of making classical arcade games online to become a milestone in the history of online game development in the world. With similar setup as that of classic side-scrolling action games, unlimited strike action and extremely diversified professional branches, DNF provides a precision operational experience and a sense of strike joy. It enables players to fully experience the essence of games! Meanwhile, it introduces the proven system of MMORPG and such concepts as professions, skills, levels, tasks and items, and provides interactive contents as team formations, trading, friends, chatting and master-apprentice systems. Concurrently featuring both the essence of RPG growth and classics actions, DNF has undoubtedly become a grand integrator of innovative online game models!”

Currently, the “DNF game” from Tencent is hosted at DNF.QQ.com.

DNF Game from Tencent.

DNF Game from Tencent.

The latest launch of dot .Game gTLD by Uniregistry is clearly aimed at software companies producing video games; the dot .Game registration and renewal fees are a staggering $318.88 dollars per year, or more.

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