Battle of Canadian Domainers: sues

Welcome to Canada – we don’t lock our doors eh?

Adam Dicker, owner of popular domain name forum is both an established domain entrepreneur and a Canadian.

For almost a decade, Adam provides thousands of domain owners with the digital arena to exchange ideas and to buy and sell domains.

It came as a big surprise that a former DNForum member and fellow Canadian launched a similar domain forum on

Adam Dicker owns both and along with trademarks for “” and “ – The Place to Talk Domains.”

Today, Adam announced that anyone who felt misguided by the resemblance and functionality of the web site is invited to come forward via email:

Confusion between and dnf .ca ?

Please email me at [email] if you were at all confused with and the domain forum that opened with a similar name and topic at dnf .ca

Confusion would include that you thought we owned it or felt it was part of or an extension of

This is for an upcoming court case that has been filed.



Capitalizing on one’s marks, fame and effort is valid reason for litigation, and Adam Dicker is doing exactly that, in order to protect his brand and business.

Definitely not good news for the other party as the legal proceedings will be held in their native country of Canada.

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