Canadian invention: Youngest element name sold in remarkable domain flip


Charlie Pound celebrates his domain sale.

And you thought the days of making money selling domain names for profit are over!

The name of the youngest chemical to be invented was sold today, making its proud domain registrant, Charlie Pound of Ontario, Canada, about $75 dollars richer.

“I read the newspaper every day and between the hockey news and the gossip columns there was mention of that product, and I registered the .com and .ca for good measure, eh!” said Charlie Pound.

“Well that was yesterday and two hours later I sold the pair to this poor student who had no money other than the $75 bucks, I was so excited after the sale!” exclaimed Pound.

The pair of domain names match the official name of a new molecular pattern, invented by Canadian scientists last week; the element can conduct electricity better than any metal known to man and can be both a solid and a liquid at the same time.

“Who would have thought that a poor student might have wanted my domains within two hours of me registering them, I am going to have a fun time on beer and polish sausage this weekend!” said Charlie Pound, shotgunning a Pilsner can.

Rumors that the alleged poor student is in fact the son of the CEO of the biggest petrochemical manufacturer in Canada have yet to be confirmed.

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