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Someone seems to have stopped Escrow .com payments on SunreefYachts.com

SunreefYachts.com is a domain that has been on an Escrow.com payment plan for a while. Note: Escrow.com is an advertiser on DomainGang – this is our own research. According to our research using the DomainTools historic WHOIS, the domain was registered in 2006 and a year and a month ago its Registrant records changed to […]

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Reserved Media LLC has acquired the premium #domain Billboards.com

Billboards.com, a premium domain name registered in 1995, has been acquired by Reserved Media LLC, a company in Texas. The company operates from ReservedMedia.com – the domain does not resolve currently. The founder of Reserved Media LLC is Mr. Bill Patterson, and the company owns the domain name ReservedMedia.com as well as numerous other domains, […]

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Gunfire.com : From unused “web design” site to gun replica mall

Gunfire.com was sold some time in August, via the Escrow.com Concierge service. The domain was registered in 1996, and an archive of its pages from 1997 contains some interesting stuff, including the [NSFW] babe of the month. For the next 20 years, the content became increasingly stagnant, and since 2005 the landing page simply displayed […]

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