Someone seems to have stopped Escrow .com payments on is a domain that has been on an payment plan for a while.

Note: is an advertiser on DomainGang – this is our own research.

According to our research using the DomainTools historic WHOIS, the domain was registered in 2006 and a year and a month ago its Registrant records changed to that of

This indicates that the domain was on a lease to own plan. offers a domain concierge service, taking ownership of the domain until it’s paid off in full.

We would assume that the domain was on an annual payment plan, but now it’s up for sale at HugeDomains. The price is $2,595 dollars. It’s likely that the buyer stopped making payments for this domain at

It’s a reminder to forecast the finances of a payment for the entire lifespan of a lease-to-own plan.

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