Domain Concierge : takes over the domain, so is it worth it?

Domain Concierge at

Domain Concierge at

When buying or selling domain names, the function and legacy of as a safe and secure transaction facilitator is indisputable.

Thousands of domain sales have been handled over the years by, which not only went through a complete redesign, but introduced a new service recently.

In a recent interview with Jackson Elsegood, the general manager shared with us the introduction of Domain Concierge at

The new service, facilitates the full transaction of domains, by assuming control of the domain asset during the exchange.

In other words, one can sleep peacefully, knowing that their domain sale or acquisition using Domain Concierge will be ever more secure at

So how much does the Domain Concierge service cost?

  • With Domain Concierge option enabled at, there is a minimum fee of $100 dollars. For transactions of up to $5,000 dollars, the fee is 6.5%.
  • For transactions of between $5,000 to $25,000 dollars, the Domain Concierge fee is $325 plus 0.52% of the amount above $5,000 dollars.
  • Transactions above the $25,000 dollar threshold are charged with a commission fee of 1.78%.

Need to find out the exact amount you’d be paying in an transaction with Domain Concierge? Here’s their fee calculator.

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