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Escrow.com : Tips and updates for domain name transactions

Escrow.com sent out its latest, personalized email to all verified members. A year ago, the oldest, continuously operated domain escrow implemented user identity verification across the board. The process ensures that both domain buyers and domain sellers mutually exchange funds and domains with greater security and trust. The notification email from Escrow.com follows: It’s been […]

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Domainers : Sedo rolls out escrow service for external domain transfers

Sponsored by Sedo* Sedo has partnered with Escrow Domains, providing secure transfers of funds through an independent law firm. Aimed at domain investors and professionals closing deals outside of Sedo, the service will be useful by those who want to: Create customized sales agreements Save on Transfer Service Fees Use a trusted intermediary to hold […]

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Domain Concierge : Escrow.com takes over the domain, so is it worth it?

When buying or selling domain names, the function and legacy of Escrow.com as a safe and secure transaction facilitator is indisputable. Thousands of domain sales have been handled over the years by Escrow.com, which not only went through a complete redesign, but introduced a new service recently. In a recent interview with Jackson Elsegood, the […]

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