Domain appears to have been sold using the concierge service

The domain was registered in 2004 by Mr. Evan Wagner. According to records, the registrant is an independent contractor specializing in cable TV plant design. Mr. Wagner also worked at AT&T as CAD Operations Manager for its Broadband division, before moving to Comcast—quite an impressive resume.

Techdd stood for “Technical Design & Drafting” and it appears that the domain changed hands using the Domain Concierge service provided by industry giants,

Unfortunately, DomainTools hides past WHOIS info if the registrant is a California registrant, thanks to privacy regulations. It’s evident, however, that the domain changed hands as recently as on May 19th. It currently resolves to a Namecheap landing page.

Who could be the buyer of the domain name

The top Google search results point to the direction of, an Australian technology consulting and due diligence firm. There is also Tech DD Ltd, operating from the domain but we’re thinking it’s the Aussies that bought the domain.

We’ll update this article once the domain resolves to a specific web site.

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