Seller of finally got paid by Epik 2.0!

It’s been a long nine months for the seller of the domain name, Nine whole months after the transaction closed on Epik’s escrow, Kathleen Kalaf received $91,000 dollars via bank wire today.

Ms. Kalaf went through numerous emails, public sharing that included a YouTube video, and even talks to the FBI. Epik came up with the full amount, days after the company was reportedly sold to a new entity.

Said Ms. Kalaf on NamePros, where a long thread about Epik and its now defunct Masterbucks are being discussed:

“Guess what everyone! It is a great day! I got paid in full minutes ago for my $91000 escrow transaction for It has been a long journey to say the least. I want to deeply thank every single person that reached out to me and supported me during this incredibly difficult period in my life.”

Ms. Kalaf noted that the $91,000 dollars was deposited whole in her bank account as a bank wire, after Epik founder, Rob Monster, received her bank account information.

It certainly is a great day for Ms. Kathleen Kalaf and hopefully the same will happen for numerous others that Epik (or Epik 2.0) owes money to.

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