Old Epik moves to New Epik as far as ICANN is concerned

Epik Inc., founded by Rob Monster, has reportedly transferred its ICANN accreditation to Epik LLC, a new entity unrelated to the original company.

In doing so, Epik LLC is now an ICANN-accredited registrar:

A press release from the (new) Epik states in part:

Since the acquisition of Epik’s assets on June 2, 2023, ICANN has worked with Epik Inc and Epik LLC to ensure a seamless transition for Epik clients. The transfer of accreditation marks the end of that transition.

No previous owners, including Epik Inc founder Rob Monster and late stage CEO Brian Royce, are involved in Epik LLC in any capacity, including ownership interest in the business.

All this is just fine and dandy, as Epik Inc. was involved in several operational scandals, including a massive security breach, the misappropriation of earnings from domain sales and the cancellation of Masterbucks, its token. The new company thus appears to be squeaky “clean” but who are the new owners?

One can only guess and there’s a discussion about just that at NamePros.

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