CNN domain investment coverage from 2000 talks about cybersquatters!

The year is 2000 and CNN covers domain buying and selling opting for a sensational term: Cybersquatters.

The article discusses the rise of cybersquatting, where individuals register domain names containing famous names or brands with the intention of profiting from them.

Meanwhile, domain investor Charles Sweeney from Scotland is highlighted as an example of an entrepreneur in this field, having registered more than 300 domains; his portfolio includes names of famous people, organizations, and trending events.

Despite investing thousands of pounds in acquiring these domain names, Sweeney believed he could profit by trading them or selling advertisements on associated web sites.

The CNN article also highlights instances where real cybersquatters use domain names to criticize or impersonate famous individuals, leading to legal disputes. Companies involved include Microsoft, Yahoo, and Penguin Books.

Back to the domain investment side.

According to the article, Sweeney sold for 5,000 British Pounds, not too shabby for a first domain sale. 🙂 That domain appears to have dropped several times since.

View the full article from 2000 titled ‘Cybersquatters:’ Invading big names’ domains.

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