Top brands: The utilization of premium #domain names

It’s not a secret that numerous world-famous companies own and operate high-value domain names, also known as “premium domains.”

Are you curious to find out how they use these digital assets?

Simone Catania, Global Content & Communications Manager of InterNetX, our kind sponsors, will show you how five top brand operators utilize premium domains with clear and meaningful keywords, to promote their brands.

Five examples of top brands with premium domains

Large companies recognized the value of a domain strategy based on descriptive premium domain a long ago. The main idea is to occupy the digital space with keywords related to the brand, its products or services.

Bayer –
The German pharmaceutical company presents a fantastic example of a multilingual domain strategy. They registered the product-related domain under .com, but if you access the website from a different country, you will be redirected to the national website with the corresponding ccTLDs such as for Germany, for Italy, for Spain, for the Czech Republic. A savvy solution using keyword premium domains for a global web presence.

Disney –,
These two keywords sound more like a statement. The Walt Disney Company is a leader in the animation and film industry. The two premium domains (their target group) and (their product) were registered back in 1990 and redirect to Disney’s home page.

Honda –,
Two keyword domains, two products under one brand. The Japanese company Honda is one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers. They secured the two keywords related to their products: and, both redirecting to a landing page for the brand’s respective products.

Netflix –
Netflix runs What can you find there? The streaming service company created an internet speed tool under this memorable domain name, where its members can estimate the speed their ISP provides so they can enjoy their video content without worries.

Verizon –
Verizon, registry of .com, owns Put aside all expectations. As of February 2022, through, Verizon redirects to the media purchase platform at Yahoo for buying ads.

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