owners file for the mark’s registration at the USPTO, Inc., operators of the aged, premium, and totally crunchy domain name,, have filed for the mark’s registration with the USPTO. The application to register NUTS.COM incorporates graphic elements: The mark consists of the wording NUTS.COM in a font resembling handwritten printing with a horizontal line below the wording. Beneath the horizontal line are four […]

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Sonoma Valley Hospital: is still a stolen #domain name

On August 6, 2019, the Sonoma Valley Hospital went into red alert. Celia Kruse de la Rosa, the hospital’s communications director, noted at the time that, their prestigious three letter .com domain and hospital acronym, had been “maliciously acquired.” It was yet another case of domain hijacking, with a highly valuable LLL .com getting […]

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The domain name was registered in 2012, providing services that recreate photographs as an oil painting. The registrant, Albert Cheng, indicated that the domain was registered in 2009: “if you check my domain history, my domain was registered on 2/1/2009.  the litigants was registered 4 years after mine.  I had already been using the name […]

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Homeland Security seized among other pirate domains

The Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) has seized, a domain used to pirate music at a grand scale. Registered in 2015, provided downloads of mp3 music as seen in this capture from 2019: The domain was seized along with the associate domains,, and The latter was used to provide download links […]

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Pay as you like: Sedo has added six new payment methods

Sedo, our premium sponsor, announced the addition of six new payment methods for the marketplace. It’s now “Pay as you like” at Sedo, the world’s leading domain marketplace. Purchasing domains and paying for services is more flexible and comfortable than ever before. These six new payment methods have been added: American Express (CC) Cartes […]

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Dynadot is enforcing password changes

Domain registrar, Dynadot, has been enforcing account password changes. Users of the service are unable to log in using their current password and are being asked to reset the account’s credentials instead. Additionally, some—but not all—account holders at Dynadot have received an email notifying them of “suspicious activity:” During one of our routine security checks, […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. $3.8 million dollar sale now fully complete

The biggest domain sale of 2021 has officially closed, as the buyers of ( paid off the remaining balance early. The $3.8 million dollar sale took place in installments; the operators of paid off the total balance for the domain ahead of schedule. In associated news, the domain name was acquired for […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. to attend Web Marketing Festival 2022 in Italy

The Web Marketing Festival (WMF) is an accelerator of culture, training and innovation in Italy. This year, the WMF event will be at Rimini Fiera from June 16 to 18 to explore, with the participants, startups and companies from all over the world, the universe of innovation with more than 100 events of Training, business, […]

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DropCatch: Auction timer glitch is being addressed

In recent weeks, DropCatch users and visitors experienced a strange glitch that potentially prevented them from winning auctions. The bidding clock would go down to zero, all while a higher bid placed by someone else would not update their screen. People would walk away believing the auction had ended. The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, was […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Trademark applications focus on #crypto and #NFT services

The operators of, the online retail company that still uses as its shortcut, have filed several trademark applications for OVERSTOCK.COM. Filed with an “intent to use” clause, the text mark applications cover the following products and services: Financial services, featuring, electronic transfer of crypto assets and digital tokens On-line non downloadable virtual goods […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. New search engine backed by $60 million infusion

Search engine optimization company Ahrefs announced that they are working on, a new search engine, backing the project up with a $60 million dollar budget. The Yep search engine places content creators on the upper tier of its results, allegedly giving them 90% of its ad revenue. Simply put, the Yep business model encourages […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. A 1996 domain drop now in a DropCatch auction resonates the essence of having a “travel plan” and the means to make it happen. The domain was registered way back in 1996 and for several years it was used as a portal for a Dutch software company. Here’s a capture of and its “About us” page from 1997: TravelPlan started in 1992 […]

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