Ready to buy: Poor student domain buyers unionize

Together in the best of times, together in the worst of times: Poor students eager to acquire gigantic domain name portfolios are unionizing, finally. Tired of becoming the butt of jokes and the recipients of nasty responses by passive-aggressive domain owners, poor students are joining forces around the globe. Poor students from Estonia are driving […]

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Why #Ford lost the UDRP it filed against the domain

Ford filed a UDRP to get the domain because according to them, it incorporates the famous FORD mark. Except, it doesn’t. “For direct” is a different, common phrase unrelated to Ford and its famous brand. Ford attempted to treat the domain as a typo of that it operates. That attempt failed because of […]

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“Liz Truss” domain squatters losing premium investment after 44 days!

In what appears to be the fastest drop in domain investment valuation, “Liz Truss” domains have dropped from millions of pounds down to zero. Resigning after just 44 days as Great Britain’s Prime Minister, Liz Truss has thoroughly eliminated all hopes and expectations for dozens of domain brand squatters in the UK. “This is worse […]

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Redacted domain vs. redacted trademark in redacted UDRP due to porn

There are times when the domain name involved in a UDRP can be redacted per either party’s request. In the case of a redacted UDRP at the Forum (NAF) the Complainant’s name, the domain, and the trademark have all been redacted. The reason: The Respondent who is apparently Chinese, built a load of pornographic content […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Complainant’s apparent plan was to not pay

The registrant of the domain was taken to the WIPO and the UDRP process. Registered in 2010, the domain matches the “plan pay” keywords that are rather generic in nature. is listed for sale on Uniregistry and Afternic with a $34,500 dollar price tag. Layaway Travel Australia Pty Ltd., filed the UDRP attempting […]

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#Oxygonotechniki grabs as an industry brand domain

Oxygonotechniki (Οξυγονοτεχνική in Greek) is an industrial manufacturer of products and services that catering to oxygen gas, and other gases. Operating from the domain name, the company manufactures a wide variety of industrial products, ranging from gas pipelines to gas gauges, protective equipment, and more. The company produces similar materials for use in the […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Registrant won with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision

The registrant of the domain name has won the UDRP that Gibson Brands, Inc., filed to usurp the domain. The Complainant produces the famous Gibson guitars, but their TOBIAS brand is not globally known, per the UDRP: Complainant holds the registered trademark TOBIAS in connection with “stringed musical instruments, namely bass guitars,” registered on […]

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InterNetX Domain Summit: Beer and domain names in Germany

The InterNetX Domain Summit kicked off yesterday, with 40 attendees from from, STRATO AG, IONOS, Fasthosts, World4You Internet Services GmbH and united-domains AG attending. The conference takes place in Regensburg, Germany, offering exclusive domain content and networking events for some of the industry’s top professionals. The event was sponsored by Radix and DigiCert. Here […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. New Greek political party ΠΑΤΡΙΔΑ using .net domain

ΠΑΤΡΙΔΑ (Patrida) is a new Greek political party, co-founded by independent, right-wing (Conservative) politician Constantinos Bogdanos. The party’s launch was announced earlier today on social media, operating from the domain name Patrida means “fatherland” in modern Greek, as the ancient Greek word “patris” (πατρίς) stems from “pater” (πατήρ) or “father.” The Greek word gave […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP loss against #domain registered in 1999

The domain name was registered in 1999, eons ago in internet time. In 2022, British company Arniston Ltd registered the mark SNUGG with the British trademark office and attempted to usurp the domain. Citing a failure to respond to its brokered offer of $5,000 dollars, the Complainant filed a UDRP. It miserably lost, however, […]

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Greek wine & domain sightings: #Malagouzia from Alpha Estate

Greek wine ranks among the top wines of the world, providing consumers with quality aromas that satisfy the most eclectic palate. When it comes down to white wine, Malagouzia is an exceptional dry wine often spelled as “Malagousia.” It’s an ancient wine revived in the 1970s, primarily cultivated in Greece’s region of Macedonia. If you […]

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Domain reselling: New e-paper from InterNetX guides your steps

Domain reselling, the business of acquiring, developing, monetizing, and selling domain names, is a complex feat. Domain reselling is a great way for many players in the IT industry to expand their portfolio and generate higher revenues and returns. InterNetX professionals possess the marketing knowledge and years of human experience; they can help you find […]

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