Bad review for does not reflect domain reality

When you’re not familiar with the domain deletion cycle, making ignorant accusations can be pretty embarrassing.

A review left for on Trustpilot describes a person’s anxiety to “catch” a domain when it was meant to expire, and their shocked reaction when “stole” it.

Says Mr. Darren Lawrence:

“Domain Stolen the day it expired prior to re-purchase Client owned a domain, was their IP for 12 years+ Had difficulty getting the domain control from existing supplier. Client was using GoDaddy to check expiring a few times so the domain could be repurchased due to not finding the control access in time.

Come to buy the domain with new supplier (Fasthosts) the day of expiry (expired early in the morning) – domain now purchased owned by and trying to extort 2k euro for it!

Complaint to ICANN failed… its not even what you would call a normal domain. how is this allowed. will never use or recommend GoDaddy ever again… bunch of thieves and hijakers. I have read many have had similar issues where putting domains into the basket , coming back after a day or so only to find the domains now owned by godaddy (dan) as they are classed as Premium!!! lies”

Of course, a domain that expired and dropped was most likely then picked up by a drop-catching service. Whoever placed the successful backorder is now the legitimate registrant of the domain and they can do as they please with it. By listing the domain name for sale at it becomes available for other parties to acquire at the asking price. does not own the domain names that are listed on its marketplace. It is merely a platform to advertise for sale domain names and bring buyers and sellers together. Complaining to ICANN about a domain that dropped does not work either; if that were the proper way, they’d get 100k+ complaints daily! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Bad review for does not reflect domain reality”
  1. Spartan says:

    Bad reviews for GoMaddy does and Dan is now owned by GoMaddy

  2. Anonymous says:

    I usually flag BS reviews like these when I see them.

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