Uniregistry made domain investors tear up with final Tweet

Long after Uniregistry was acquired by GoDaddy, the company continued to provide excellent services to domain investors as a registrar and brokerage.

Eventually, Uniregistry (Uni) shut down both as a domain registrar and its Uni Marketplace team moved to GoDaddy, aiming at finishing the job on Afternic 2.0.

The Uni app was discontinued, DomainNamesales.com was shut down, and now it’s the official Twitter account’s turn.

The Uniregistry team tweeted for the final time yesterday, making domainers “tear up.”

“We are now a part of GoDaddy and will be saying goodbye to this channel, but Uniregistry lives on within GoDaddy. Our people, technology, and culture are playing an important role in building the future of domains at GoDaddy.”

We will miss Uniregistry and its fine people. Let those who run the show at GoDaddy take notice about how things are done efficiently and with class.

Thank you, once again, Uni, for the great services you provided to the domain industry. ♥️

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  1. I remember when Frank started it up and the domain sales were buzzing! Got to say, made some handsome money parking there to at first, in addition to some nice sales!

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