Equifax grabs seemingly generic domain via the UDRP process

Equifax filed a UDRP to usurp the seemingly generic, aged domain name Registered in 1998, displayed PPC ads that linked to services provided by competitors of Equifax. The Complainant operates from the domain and has registered the mark THE WORK NUMBER, effective in 1997. The sole panelist took all these facts under […]

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A typo-squatter has lost the domain name after using it for more than two decades to monetize fat-fingering of the Equifax brand. The domain name was registered in 2002, at a time when UDRP filings were still few. The UDRP process was established in 1999. forwarded to PPC landers featuring financial services, credit […]

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#Equifax breach settlement .com : Visit this #domain for the class action lawsuit info

More than 147 million people had their personal information exposed in the huge Equifax data breach in 2017. Victims can now check eligibility in order to submit a claim to recover money spent or lost as a result of the monumental hack. The FTC stated this week that Equifax agreed to pay at least $575 […]

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#Equifax UDRP : More than 100 #domain names are denied transfer at the #WIPO

Equifax isn’t happy with the negative publicity it receives after the massive security breach, involving private information on millions of Americans. In recent months, following the registrations of Equifax domains, the company has been taking the registrants through the UDRP process, attempting to reclaim these domains. So far, Equifax – that trades using the EFX […]

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Equifax strikes back : 138-strong domain UDRP, one of the largest ever

Equifax has been busy restoring its reputation, after a massive leak of data was unveiled earlier this year. While some frustrated consumers registered domains to demonstrate how the mega-corporation failed to protect private information, the majority of “Equifax domains” have been trademark violations. Of course, it’s the latter domain category that Equifax lawyers are going […]

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Equifucked – Most creative domain name, after massive Equifax data breach

We’ve been following the massive Equifax data breach scandal closely; after the news was announced, dozens of related “Equifax domains” were registered. Some are in the hands of Equifax to protect its brand, but others are used as potential phishing tools. It’s understandable that many consumers in the US are anxious to secure their information […]

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Equifax data breach affects millions; dot .com gets snapped pronto

A massive data breach at Equifax means that as many as 143 million profiles are in the hands of cybercriminals. Ironically, Equifax is one of the three US credit bureaus, and they issue credit scores related to the credit-worthiness of Americans. Today, Equifax said in a press release that the so-called unauthorized access was discovered […]

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