Domainer poll: Should you pay off that LTO domain on early?

Domain investors are always looking for the opportunity to acquire domains with a reduced investment. Whether that means negotiating the price down, or paying for the domain in installments, the motive to save money is there. has been the pioneer of lease to own (LTO) sales of domain names. A domain can be acquired […]

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Big fanfare announcement earlier today: Afternic will be offering lease to own options. Awesome. Thanks for copying, finally. It would be great if that were done independently, without buying and taking apart But it is what it is: is a GoDaddy asset, and GoDaddy can (ab)use it to their heart’s content. Meanwhile, […]

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Mike Mann updates DomainMarket landers; adds LTO option

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, holds a massive portfolio of more than 240,000 .com domain names, and numerous others. The ever-busy domainer operates as his portfolio marketplace. The platform has improved over the years and the latest additions would please end-user buyers and domain investors as well. Mike Mann announced the introduction […]

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Owning a three letter domain such as can be a pricey experience, but it doesn’t have to be a single payment transaction. is owned by MUX, a video streaming technology company. MUX acquired, an LLL .com, on a “start-up budget.” At the beginning, the company used, a domain they spent $1,200 […]

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