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#Domainer loss : Mike Mann lost #UDRP for LeaderInMe.com #domain

A company that claimed rights to the mark THE LEADER IN ME managed to snatch LeaderInMe.com. The UDRP was filed against DomainMarket.com, the domain portfolio outfit of popular serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, who is asking for $39,888 dollars for the domain name. While LeaderInMe.com was registered in 2009, both Respondent and Complainant seemed to refer […]

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Happy Birthday : Mike Mann’s .com is not in the public domain

The popular song “Happy Birthday (to you)” has been the focus of copyright bickering for a while. If you sang it at parties during the past 27 years, you were supposedly infringing on that copyright. The good news: it’s now officially in the public domain, and Music publisher Warner/Chappell Music agreed to end its claim […]

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Domainer buying guide: How to buy domains from Mike Mann

Every domain selling venue has its secrets, when it comes down to offering discounts to their domain inventory. Negotiating with the seller of a domain is part of the domainer culture of offering less than the asking price. Just like car sales, never pay full price for the domain on sale, unless you’re after the […]

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