Domainer poll: Should you pay off that LTO domain on early?

Domain investors are always looking for the opportunity to acquire domains with a reduced investment.

Whether that means negotiating the price down, or paying for the domain in installments, the motive to save money is there. has been the pioneer of lease to own (LTO) sales of domain names. A domain can be acquired over a set period of time, from 1 to 60 months (5 years.) Depending on the seller’s willingness to wait it out and the overall price, it might be worth buying a domain with an LTO plan.

If you pick an LTO plan of up to 12 months there is no additional fee and essentially the buyer gets the best deal. From 13 months and up there is a tier system adding a percentage as fees.

At, you can always pay off the domain early, but only under the terms of the original agreement! What this means: If you took an LTO option for 36 months and want to pay it off in 12 months, you’ll still incur the respective 36 month fee at closing.

Here’s a poll for you to consider.

Would you pay off a LTO acquisition early?

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