launches; the .com selling price is $5,000,000 dollars

President Joe Biden announced the formal launch of the federal application for Americans seeking student loan forgiveness, As many as 43 million borrowers are expected to tap into this debt relief plan. Individuals seeking to apply for student debt relief can now fill out the form at The form can be filled out in […]

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Presidential executive order: Delete your crap #domains immediately

President Joe Biden means business and today’s the 46th US President’s first full day at work. Among Joe Biden’s top priorities: eliminating the Coronavirus in the US, creating thousands of jobs, improving America’s image to the world, a greener environment, and terminating bad domain names. Executive order #32 is one of more than 100 executive […]

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BuildBackBetter.GOV : Joe Biden’s first government #domain launched

President-elect, Joe Biden, received the green light from GSA yesterday, after a controversial delay of three weeks. The next US President has already been on the forefront of presenting his strategy to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, rebuild the economy, and strengthen the global image of the United States. In doing so, the Joe Biden team […]

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Politics are always dirty, and no presidential campaign in recent memory matches the mud-slinging levels of Donald Trump’s – both in 2016 and in 2020. Joe Biden is leading the polls by a substantial margin, calculated at 17% by some pollsters, just 20 days before elections take place on November 3rd. The Democratic candidate’s age […]

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#Domain debate winner:

George Kirikos posted a poll seeking votes! 😀 The question was, which candidate will reference a domain name first: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or neither one. The winner was Joe Biden, who shared the domain on air, mere minutes before the end of the 1st presidential debate. Although is paid for by the […]

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