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#Government shutdown : Millions of .GOV #domains about to expire after federal employees lose pay

The dramatic situation with the government shutdown has just claimed another victim: dot .GOV domains. After working without pay for more than three weeks, federal employees tasked with the renewals of the quintessential government domain, dot .GOV, have given up trying to justify their zero dollar paycheck. “I walked out at 2:00 pm today, right […]

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10 years of deleted, canceled or not-renewed dot .GOV domains

The Freedom of Information Act ensures that the US Government and its officials remain transparent about their activity. Citizens can invoke the act to request information that is made available to the public and that it’s not otherwise classified. A fine fella named Donald Triplett III utilized this method to request a list of 10 […]

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New Money: A redesigned $100 dollar bill and the ownership of the .com

The Federal Reserve has been redesigning a new set of dollar bills for more than a decade, adding security features to deter counterfeiting. Despite recent setbacks that led to the destruction of $3 billion dollars worth of banknotes, the new $100 dollar bill is expected to become publicly available on October 3rd, 2013. To promote […]

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