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#Domain sightings : The 2020 #Census Bureau is using a dot .GOV

In case you forgot, 2020 is a US census year, and in the era of the Coronavirus it’s great to see the process being completed electronically. No US census employees are going to be going door to door to take your statistical information, and risk passing or getting the Covid-19 virus. With that in mind, […]

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Unauthorized person registered a dot .GOV #domain with fake documents!

This is one for the facepalm department. An unauthorized individual managed to register a dot .GOV domain name, using fake papers and social engineering. Apparently, the US General Services Administration– the federal agency responsible for managing the .gov domain registration process – failed to validate the request, made by an individual who impersonated the mayor […]

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#Government shutdown : Millions of .GOV #domains about to expire after federal employees lose pay

The dramatic situation with the government shutdown has just claimed another victim: dot .GOV domains. After working without pay for more than three weeks, federal employees tasked with the renewals of the quintessential government domain, dot .GOV, have given up trying to justify their zero dollar paycheck. “I walked out at 2:00 pm today, right […]

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