BuildBackBetter.GOV : Joe Biden’s first government #domain launched

President-elect, Joe Biden, received the green light from GSA yesterday, after a controversial delay of three weeks.

The next US President has already been on the forefront of presenting his strategy to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, rebuild the economy, and strengthen the global image of the United States.

In doing so, the Joe Biden team announced the launch of a new .GOV web site at BuildBackBetter.GOV.

Dot .GOV domains are registered to government organizations exclusively, and the process has changed ever since someone managed to bypass the system.

The domain BuildBackBetter.GOV appears to have been registered on October 22, 2020. It was registered to a member of the GSA, so it makes sense that it’s now been handed over to the Joe Biden administration’s team.

Meanwhile, the matching .com domain,, appears to be in the possession of a Canadian advertising agency, that’s forwarding the domain to the .GOV.


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