Presidential executive order: Delete your crap #domains immediately

President Joe Biden means business and today’s the 46th US President’s first full day at work.

Among Joe Biden’s top priorities: eliminating the Coronavirus in the US, creating thousands of jobs, improving America’s image to the world, a greener environment, and terminating bad domain names.

Executive order #32 is one of more than 100 executive orders issued by the US President today.

We quote:

Domain investing is a great, environmentally-friendly professional occupation, with millions of domain investors (“domainers”) calling the US their home. To alleviate the cost of registering, renewing, and deleting domain names of dubious quality, the President is issuing executive order #32/2021 with the following guidelines:

  • Terminate, by means of a manual or automatic method, all domain names that produce zero income within one’s domain portfolio
  • Abstain from registering domain names of disproved characteristics, such as ineffective TLDs or gTLDs for the next 4 years, or longer, and
  • Re-invest the funds into meaningful domain names that can produce a multi-fold ROI across one’s domain portfolio

So ordered this 21st day of January, 2021
US President Joe R. Biden Jr.
(Seal of the United States)

So there you have it: go ahead and delete your crappy domains before you violate this executive order.

On a related note, you can acquire the domain names, .net, .org, and .info as a package.

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