The Domain King is test-driving Afternic

Rick Schwartz

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, is no “domain idiot.” With more than 25 years investing in domain names, Rick moved to the new internet assets after successfully buying and selling 1-800 numbers.

It seems that Rick has been test-driving Afternic landers, moving some of his domain names to the GoDaddy-owned platform.

So far, two domains that changed DNS to resolve on Afternic landers are and Registered two years ago, the keyword pair in singular and plural serves as a reminder that there are many uses for “domain idiots” on the internet! 🙂

Meanwhile, another domain name owned by the Domain King that moved to a different lander is The domain was listed for sale on and it’s now parked on GiantPanda DNS. It’s definitely not the first GPT domain name that Rick has registered, following the explosive growth of ChatGPT late last year.

You can grab for $30,000 dollars via Afternic.

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