auction: Dropped #domain in the hands of the Domain King!

The dictionary domain was auctioned off on DropCatch, closing earlier today for the sum of $11,648 dollars.

The winner is no other than the Domain King, Rick Schwartz. Paying a small “ransom” for a dictionary domain previously owned by Twitter is not a small feat. was originally registered in 1998.

So what is the story behind was just auctioned off.

In 2021, Twitter acquired Scroll, a $5-a-month subscription service that removes ads from participating news sites. Scroll owned Nuzzel, spelled exactly like that: “Nuzzel.” It was an app that would take one’s feeds from Facebook, Twitter and other social media and only shows the news stories that their friends and influencers were sharing.

Nuzzel operated from the domain name and acquired for obvious reasons: When the brandable can be mixed with a dictionary word, getting the “proper” spelling is a great idea.

To recap: Scroll was acquired by Twitter, that shut down the service, thus leading to the demise of Nuzzel and therefore,

Congratulations to Rick Schwartz for this latest win at DropCatch! 😀

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