The Domain King’s GPT domain and other registrations

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been busy educating his closed circle of Twitter followers.

One of the most recent, important quotes by Rick reads as follows:

“I Don’t buy domains to sell. I buy domains to hold. To collect. To admire. To enjoy. To savor. To learn about. To use.”

Think for a second what this phrase means, next time you aimlessly spend money registering, bidding on, or buying in the aftermarket domains with the sole purpose of reselling.

The Domain King

At the same time, recent domain registrations by Rick Schwartz indicate his interest in AI and ChatGPT.

Rick’s newest registration involves the domain name Rick also follows current events, such as the banking crash of SVB.

No doubt that’s the reason he registered the domain pair and

Two other domains freshly registered by the Domain King are and

Rick also restricts the sharing of content that he produces outside of his private circle. You can request to follow Rick on Twitter and enrich your domain investing knowledge.

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  1. Jim says:

    You forgot to mention, chatgpt is a trademark, your post earlier.

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