The Domain King drops Trump’s Christmas Tree

If there was a king of glitz, that’s got to be Donald Trump. The former President ran his entertainment empire, hotels, casinos, and all, with lavish gold and lights, particularly close to Christmas.

As a President, Trump made sure that the riches pleasing the eye transferred over to the White House. Christmas decorations involved the biggest, the brightest, and sometimes, the most expensive.

Here’s a photo of Donald and Melania from 2018, courtesy of the White House via Vogue at the time:

Trump Christmas Tree – Photo courtesy of the White House via Vogue

So we do know that Trump’s obsession about having the biggest, most decorated Christmas tree may have led the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, to register the domain name

The domain was registered by Rick in November of 2016, right after Donald Trump was elected president. Rick held onto the domain all these years, before dropping it sometime after 2018 and as late as this year; WHOIS records are incomplete in-between.

Someone just registered the domain, picking up the Domain King’s “droppings” and we’re not sure what they plan to do with it that wasn’t already done by Rick: Nothing! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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